MUSASHI's has a variety of dispensing units with precision fluid control technology, which are suitable for cream solder, epoxy, silver paste, ink, paint, UV resin, industrial grease, instant grease, kerosene, oil, water, alcohol, corn syrup etc...

Dispensing Volume Guidelines Which Model is Suitable for Your Application?
    Air Pulse Dispenser

Super Sigma CMII-V5/V2

Small-Volume, Super-Fine Point Dispenser
  • Sigma 3 Major Functions
  • *Automatic Liquid Drop Prevention
  • *Automatic Correction of Volume Reduction
  • *Automatic Level Alarm
High-Difinition Line Dispenser
  • Stable dispensing of two-liquid type cure adhesive
  • Ideal for automation lines and centralized control from host computer thanks to enhanced RS-232C communication function
  • Achievement of stable dispensing for a wide range of viscosities by automatic dispensing pressure control.
New Generation, Standard Digital Dispenser
  • High Accurate Dispensing
  • All for High Quality Dispensing
  • Built-In Air Stabilization Circuit
Smart Shot MS-1/1D
High Precision ECO Dispenser
  • Best Suited to manual production lines; Space & Cost Reduced.
  • Vacuum mechanism for liquid-drip prevention equipped as standard.
  • Wide range of dispensing pressure : from 0.02MPa to 0.70MPa.
  • Universal power supply for world-wide use. (AC 100V to 240V)
    Non-Contact Jet Dispenser


The World's Fastest Non-Contact Jet Dispenser 270 Shot/sec
  • Wide Range of Liquid supported from Low - High Viscosity
  • Shorten your Tact Time
  • Rapid Jet with No Bubbles, No Dispersing
    High-Performance Screw Dispenser


Precision Dispensing with SUPER-HIGH Viscosity
  • Cream Solder or High Ciscosity Fulid dispensing with High Precision
  • Eliminate dispensing volume fluctuation & puddle
  • Minimum Dispensing Volume: 0.5mm dispensing diameter
  • Can be used for High-Precision Line drawing
    Volume Measuring Dispenser

Measuring Master MPP-1

Constant Volume Dispensing with Changable Viscosity
  • Applicable Viscosity Range: 1 to 50,000mPas
    Ultra-Small Dosage Dispenser

Nano Master SMP-III

1/1,000,000ml Ultra Micro Doses
  • Good for Super-Fine Volume dispensing & Precision separate dispensing and for Filling items with a specific volume
  • Prevent Liquid Drip without Vacuum

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